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I create work that joins the utilitarian and the decorative, encouraging them to investigate relationships of support, identity and the concept of functionality. My drawings and art objects walk the line between familiar and unrecognizable, emphasizing the integrity of the image or object itself.


The forms I make have an implied functionality that gets blurred by their content. Repetition often occurs, asking the viewer to make sense of both likeness and disparity. Devoid of intentional trickery, plaster, cardboard, bronze and dry mediums work together to increase the space between the viewer’s assumptions and the reality of what they are seeing.


I work in a responsive way, exploring new treatments of mediums while allowing forces affecting my life to dominate my thoughts and determine where the forms go. My hope is that this process reflects in the work, allowing the pieces to impose sensation regardless of the intensity with which the viewer chooses to engage.


Erin lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.


Instagram: @errrrrrrrrin

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